Rapids Water Park

Food & Beverages

Rapids Water Park Snack Bars

Rapids Water Park features Big Surf Café and Pelican Bay Café. Two Full Service snack bars offering a wide variety of snacks and meals including: Cheeseburgers, Hot dogs, Personal and Family sized Pizza, Chicken Tenders, Gourmet Sandwich Wraps and Salads, Chicken Quesadillas, Appetizers and Desserts. Purchase a Re-fillable Rapids Souvenir Mug and Enjoy $1.25 refills on soft drinks- ALL SEASON LONG!!

Why wait in lines for food? We NOW offer several locations where you can sit and chill in between thrills! Stop by High Tide Tiki Bar or Pelican Petes Tiki Bar for a refreshing adult beverage or a tasty meal from the menu. Must be 21 and older to purchase alcohol, please provide your ID upon ordering. Table seating is also available at these locations. Also, check out our Poolside Cabana Rentals and experience exclusive service all day long!! Reserve your cabana online today, they go FAST!

Splash Grill, located next to the Flow Rider offers delicious burgers and fries. Cool down at Frosty Creations with a fresh-scooped Ice Cream Cone, located at the bottom of the Old Yellar Slides. Other stands throughout the park provide Dippin’ Dots, Funnel Cake, U-do-it Slush Factory, Mini Donuts, Cotton Candy and Fresh Squeezed Lemonade. Catered Outings and Birthday Parties available upon request!!

The park has a wide assortment of foods and beverages available, including bottled water.

Allergies: As much as we would like to accommodate guests with food allergies, we are not the food manufacturers/suppliers (we get all food and beverage products from third parties), and as such, we regret to inform you THE PARK CANNOT, AND DOES NOT, MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR GUARANTEES WHATSOEVER REGARDING THE ALLERGY-FREE CONTENTS OF ANY FOODS OR BEVERAGES. At a minimum, guests with allergy concerns should avoid any foods or beverages unless they are packaged, and you are 100% confident in the manufacturer/supplier which has provided the park with such food or beverage. Foods that are in any way unpackaged, prepared, or handled by the park (as opposed to packaged goods, provided to you in a sealed package), have a higher risk of contamination with other products containing allergens, so in the interests of your safety, we strongly urge you to avoid all such unpackaged products provided by the park.

Personal Food, Beverage and Coolers: In any event guests may bring personal foods into the park, to the extent that they are medically necessary (e.g., for diabetics, baby formula for infants, gluten-free foods, or allergy-safe foods for allergies). Please make sure guest relations is aware of your need to do this prior to entering the park. For the safety of our guests, no glass containers are allowed and coolers will need to be checked for contents.